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Filling level of the next volume

Scientific materials (reviewed) qualified for volume 18, 2020

  1. Mateusz Pachucki: Recruits from the Siemień commune in the Russian army during the First World War (1914-1918).
  2. Marek M. Kamiński, Ernest Szum: Prometheism of Janosik Podlaski in the accounts of friends. Sources for the biography of Józef Korycki.
  3. Damian Sitkiewicz: Documents related to the Union of Armed Struggle – Home Army Radzyń Podlaski District in the collection of Zygmunt Mańkowski and Ireneusz Caban.
  4. Eugeniusz Wilkowski: Underground structures of the “Solidarity” farmers’ union in the Lublin region (Poland) in 1982–1989.
  5. Dariusz Magier: The attitude of militia force from Radzyń Podlaski poviat towards communism and the Soviet Union in early 1946.
  6. Tomasz Sajecki: Zawada near Tarnow – great stronghold from the early Middle Ages.
  7. Paweł Orłowski: Everyday obstacles approached by the inhabitants of the Biała Podlaska Voivodeship in the first years after its establishment (1975-1976) reflected in letters and complaints addressed to the PZPR’s Voi-vodeship Committee in Biała Podlaska.