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Tips for authors

1. The editors do not charge any fees to authors for the publication of materials.

2. Sending material for publication in The Humanities Yearbook of Radzyń Podlaski means the Author’s consent to transfer ownership of the original printed publication to the publisher and consent to the digital distribution of material in the Open Access formula (See license agreement) and publication of personal data (name, affiliation, email) in traditional and electronic versions. See our privacy policy.

3. The Editorial Board has implemented anti-plagiarism procedures, each material sent for publication, before being referred to the review process, is checked using the anti-plagiarism system.

4. Materials for printing should only be sent via the APPLICATION FORM. Uploaded files should be saved in doc.

5. The form should also include a computer-filled Statement of scientific reliability, which can be downloaded HERE.

6. The illustrative material should be pasted into the text. In the case of a large number of illustrative files (scans of documents, photos), please send them in a separate email to: rrh@radzynskirocznik.pl

7. The text should be in the form of a standardized manuscript: all margins 2.5 cm, font TNR 12 points, with single spacing.

8. The articles should not use any formatting or graphic highlighting.

9. Use only quotation marks for quotes.

10. Foreign italics should be used in italics.

11. Footnotes, traditional Polish style. Examples of bibliographic description:

  • monograph: J. Nowak, History of economic World, Warsaw 2015, p. 28.
    article from the journal: J. Nowak, Economic History of Peru, “Przegląd Gospodarczy”, No. 3, 2013, pp. 5-18.
  • chapter from a multi-author monograph: J. Nowak, Two years in the history of the USA, [in:] Economic crisis as a historical phenomenon, edited by D. Feldman, Warsaw 2009, pp. 56-88.
  • internet article: D. Magier, Ja archivist. Collective portrait of archivists, http://archiwozofia.com/single-post/2020/01/25/Ja-archiwista-Portret-zbiorowy-archiwisty (access: 14.03.2020).
  • archival material: archive name, archive team name, file reference number, page / card, document title, e.g. State Archives in Siedlce (hereinafter: APS), Poviat Eldership in Sokołów Podlaski (hereinafter: PES), file 4, p. 6, List of Bolshevik agents.

12. We use Latin abbreviations (op. cit., Ibid, Idem, etc.).

13. Publication of the material is possible after the author signs a contract with the Publisher on the transfer of property rights.

14. The average time from submitting a maniscript to its digital publication is 75 days.

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