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Radzyń AK District in the collection of Mańkowski and Caban

In the “Original digital versions” tab, an article by Damian Sitkiewicz was published: Documents about the Union of Armed Struggle – Home Army Radzyń Podlaski Province in the collections of Zygmunt Mańkowski and Ireneusz Caban.

In the Provincial Public Library Hieronim Łopaciński in Lublin has a large collection of documents regarding the Home Army region Radzyń Podlaski, which are part of a larger collection of archives collected by Lublin historians Zygmunt Mańkowski and Ireneusz Caban.

The vast majority of archival materials were created by evoking accounts from participants in historical events – soldiers of the Home Army and their families. The collection is dominated by correspondence of former owners of the collection with witnesses of historical events. The overwhelming majority of the letters’ content are accounts, memories, fragments of diaries, notes, remarks, etc. The file has not been used so far in scientific research. The article presents its content in depth.

Special Collections’ Reading Room at the Hieronim Łopaciński Public Library in Lublin